We seek to provide all that is needed to rebuild a life that has fallen into hopelessness. We assist parolees and displaced individuals in their recovery and reintegration as productive members of society. We offer a 2-year program that begins with establishing a life-plan of achievable goals designed to measure progress, rebuild confidence, and discover newfound hope.  


                                                                                                           My name is Brian Baughman, co-founder of Heart

                                                                                    2 Serve, and the first hopeless person in despair was

                                                                                   me in 2009.  In those moments of true

                                                                                    humility, God planted the ministry of

                                                                                    Heart 2 Serve in my heart. 


In 2013, After four years of soul searching and

   difficult recovery, a construction company was

formed to provide employment for its owners and

for those new to recovery and still on the streets. 


In 2014, in cooperation with fellow Bible Study members, Dan Hagopian and Joe Cota, an RV was purchased to provide a means of shelter for those individuals who were willing to receive help, and the RV Ministry was formed.  The first two components of our ministry were now established, employment and shelter. 


God blessed and 1 RV became 5, and the numbers of those being helped grew.  As the large number of RVs became unmanageable, we made a personal decision and opened our home. The numbers of people being helped grew.  In 2015, Heart 2 Serve, Inc became a 501(c)(3) entity, and now the opportunity to provide assistance to those in need is only limited to the number of those willing to give, those with a "Heart 2 Serve."


Heart 2 Serve Inc. is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.  It's the perfect example of what our Heavenly Father can make from things that have seemingly become broken and useless.  From the ashes of ruined lives, addicted, homeless, peniless and hopeless to the point of despair, God Breathed New Life and said,  


"Watch what I can make from nothing..."  


God's work in us has only just begun!

Our humble beginnings

Please Help FunD Our Growing Mission



At Heart 2 Serve, we assist parolees and displaced individuals in their recovery and re-integration as productive members of society. Accomplishing this lofty goal requires providing everything necessary to ensure their success. See below for a list of everything we offer.


A required component of the Heart 2 Serve program is "daily" attendance and participation in a 12-step recovery program.  This requirement is a "non-negotiable" component, as it reinforces the spiritual principles at the core of a right relationship with a loving Creator. 

It is our experience that any life lived upon self-will and self-reliance is doomed to certain failure. At Heart 2 Serve, we strive to introduce the concept of a relationship with a loving and caring Creator. We believe that humilty, willingness, and the counsel and support of those who have overcome similar difficulties by these same means, is not only instrumental but necessary in successful long-term recovery.


Heart 2 Serve strives to provide individuals shelter within a safe environment of peers who have suffered similar circumstances in life, and who are also dedicated to assisting one another through the process of recovery. Individuals attend daily recovery meetings, weekly bible studies, church services and other commitments as a group to reinforce the concepts of support and fellowship. 


A unique feature of the Heart 2 Serve program is the ability to provide gainful employment through job placement. The ability to earn and to pay one's own way is an essential component of the recovery and reintegration process. It is our experience that the vast majority of individuals who need assistance prefer to work to earn their keep.  Unfortunately, many who are coming off the streets or out of prison struggle in this area, either due to criminal records, lack of employment opportunities, or lack of skills.  This is a major part of the Heart 2 Serve program because learning skills and rebuilding confidence is critical to a smooth and permanent transition into normal society.


Heart 2 Serve works cooperatively with medical and dental professional to provide immediate care when needed.  We also assist the individual in applying for any basic medical coverage provided through State Social Services Agencies.  We also believe that physical fitness is a key component in mental and emotional well-being. Heart 2 Serve works together with local fitness establishments to provide low cost gym memberships to those in our program. 

Another basic staple of daily life is simply food and clothing.  Heart 2 Serve works closely with local food banks and clothing distribution centers to provide these basic needs.

Heart 2 Serve works cooperatively with legal professionals to ensure the individual is adequately represented from a legal perspective. Tickets, court dates, warrants and other legal matters must be truthfully disclosed and addressed as a first priority upon entering the program. This provision allows the individual to focus on moving forward successfully without fear of legal consequences associated with the past.

Legal Assistance

While Heart 2 Serve makes every attempt to provide some OJT related to its own revenue generating projects, we encourage and assist the individual in seeking out educational opportunities that would allow them to compete in the general workforce.  Transportation for this and all other needs is provided.

Education &
substance abuse 
Health & Care

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